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Anatomy Of The Room – Designer Showcase 2015

anatomy of a room option 2.pdf

Kerf Door and Window Trim

My new project in the South West has exposed me to new terminology. Kerf door and window trim. I love the look and may bring it back to WNC.

Kitchen Remodel


Togar Rugs

What   once began as a small entrepreneurial endeavor, Togar Rugs has evolved   into a very successful direct importer and wholesaler. They work with designers, dealers, and decorators from far and wide.  Customers are welcome to stop by   at any time to browse or talk with the knowledgeable   sales associates.  They have a rug for every taste and every budget. The photos below are from one of our current clients. They selected Togar rugs for several rooms in their home. Each rug is unique and adds a different style to each space.


Den: Antique Ushak over 10 years old, hand-spun wool and natural dyes, same knotting as the new Ushak. Turkish double knot (ghiordes-symmetrical knot) from hand spun wool and all natural dyes original Ushak from the village of Ushak.


Living Room: Turkish Konya, from central area of Turkey made from all hand-spun wool and natural dyes, with an open geometric field.


Master Bedroom:  New Turkish Ushak hand-knotted rug with the traditional Turkish double knot (ghiordes-symmetrical knot) from hand spun wool and all natural dyes original Ushak from the village of Ushak.



Guest Room: Patchwork rug. New rug made from old Turkish rugs that are damaged. We cut away the damaged areas and then surge the edges of the good parts and used a blanket stitch to make the patchwork rug. Most of the rugs we are using come from central Turkey and from the Eastern village of Kars.








Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring, sometimes referred to as cement flooring, no longer has to be gray and boring.  Coloring concrete or applying textures and patterns can bring new life to this traditionally bland material. Staining concrete is a method of attaining a decorative, easy-to-maintain and  durable finish to flooring.


 After the floor is properly cleaned, it is time to apply the acid wash to the  floor. Tape off all items  and strip off old coatings with machinery. The best way to  spread acid stain is evenly and in quadrants.  Cleaning with acid and water opens the pores of the concrete.


 Once the acid stain is dried over night, neutralize the floor with ammonia and water to clean any residues left by the acid stain. After this is  completed and dried, it is time to apply the topical water based stain. The color can be tweaked during the first coat.


The stain should be spread on evenly in  quadrants, much like the acid wash. Let this dry, and repeat if necessary to give  the concrete floor the protective coat it needs.

 While this whole process may seem very simple as you read this, don’t be fooled! It is recommended that you have a professional do this job for  you. The application can be dangerous, and the results can be unattractive if it is not  done properly. The above work was done by Jesse York of All Season Painting.  828-768-7575