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What’s Hot in Lighting This Year?


Maxim Pendant Separator Kit

Our designer, Emma Kechter, traveled to Dallas to find out!  Cardboard, wood and concrete are the three hot materials in lighting this year.  While they are stylish, environmentally responsible, and a fabulous fit for the right space, here are some more amazing finds

Hive Pendant

Vermont Modern Hive Pendant

One of Emma’s favorite finds was the 3-Light Pendant Separator Kit from Maxim Lighting.  Using only one junction box, three pendant lights can now be installed and grouped tastefully together!  Another more abstract concept she found was this build it yourself Hive Pendant by Vermont Modern.  Interlocking metal pieces can be assembled easily to create stunning sculpture that also acts as an art piece.

Cheryl’s pick this year are the Reflections Decorative Recessed Downlights, from Tech Lighting. These carefully crafted domes reflect the hidden ring of LEDs to deliver perfectly controlled indirect illumination.  The play of light and shadow highlights the range of stylized dome designs while reducing the overall glare.  They are available with or without a flange for traditional look or a smooth mudded-in look for a more contemporary style.


Reflections Decorative Recessed Downlights

Maxim Norwood Series

Maxim Norwood Series

Nuevo Liam Black with wood inlay pendant

Nuevo Liam Black with wood inlay pendant

With so many options out there, selecting the right lighting can be a daunting task, yet critical in your overall design.  That’s where we can help.  Our designers specialize in lighting and are available to help you select the perfect fixtures!

Why a Designer – originally published by ADAC Atlanta


Interior design professionals can change your life by assisting you in creating a home and/or office environment in which you can be most productive and creative. In a time when our homes have become our refuge, design professionals are an invaluable resource in several areas (such as color) to help you achieve the desired impact of an individual room or the whole house.


A common myth exists that designers are an unnecessary expense when planning your design project. In actuality, a designer can save you thousands of dollars in one room by preventing costly mistakes. Designers have been trained in scale, proportion, balance, color, texture, and product quality, all of which are essential to a successful design project. Lighting, for example, when properly selected and installed, can transform the entire setting of a room.


Designers can be hired for just one hour, perhaps to select a paint color or sofa, or for an entire home or office project. There is a broad range of professionals available in various disciplines of the trade. A designer asked her client why she had included design services as an essential part of her project. Her response was simply, “I wanted to do it right and do it only once.” When you find yourself at the end of the day yearning for the comfort of your newly decorated home, or inspired each morning by your new office surroundings, you may find that working with a design professional was one of the best decisions you ever made.