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Baldwin Art Group

Baldwin Art is one of Cheryl’s favorite art vendors. Baldwin’s great customer service includes bring the art truck to your door!

Clients Selecting Artwork

Clients Selecting Artwork

Our Designers Helping Clients with Art Selection

Our Designers Helping Clients with Art Selection








Cheryl, Emma, and our client’s browsed the art on the truck and selected pieces for their home. To see what Baldwin Art has available visit

Picking the right art piece

Picking the right piece for their home

Lilly Art Piece

Water Lilly Art Piece from Baldwin Art Group

Ancient Technique Made New …Encaustic Art Work

“When art is in your soul, you simply cannot breathe unless you are painting.”

When Mary Farmer visited our office  we had the pleasure of viewing several examples of her art.  Encaustic is an ancient technique that produces some incredibly original and beautiful works of art. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Farmer’s raw talent combined with her continuing dedication to creating new and impressive works is reflected in her rising status in the encaustic community. Her work has been featured in such publications as: American Art Collector, Novato Advance, Embracing Encaustic, The Peoria Star Journal, and the Marin Independent Journal. Farmer constantly strives to grow as an artist, seeing new images in her mind that she deems transferable to her canvas.

For more information visit