Mountain Elegance

Mountain Elegance

Pinnacle Mountain

A richly detailed family home, designed for sharing and entertaining


Exterior Mtn. Elegance Mtn. Elegance Living Room Mtn. Elegance Dining Mtn. Elegance Living Room Mtn. Elegance Kitchen Mtn. Elegance Kitchen Mtn. Elegance Bathroom 2 Mtn. Elegance Bedroom Mtn. elegance Bar Mtn. Elegance Bathroom

Champion Hills - 1

Mountain elegance translates into various styles for different people


exterior-mountain-elegance-ch mtn-elegance-ch-entry mountain-elegance-dining-ch mountain-elegance-living-room-ch mountain-elegance-kitchen-ch mountain-elegance-library-ch mountain-elegance-bedroom-ch mountain-elegance-bathroom-ch mountain-elegance-bar-ch

Champion Hills - 2

Mellow tones, warm woods and inviting seating say, "Come on in."


mtn-elegance-living-room-ch mtn-elegance-ch-stairwell mtn-elegance-bedroom-ch mtn-elegance-porch-ch

Champion Hills - 3

Simple materials and solutions make this home look as if it has grown and aged over time.


mtn-elegance-stairwell mtn-elegance-lr mtn-elegance-dining