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High Point Market Fall 2017 Trends

During our visit to High Point Market this year there seemed to be a trend that we saw in almost every show room that we visited. Acrylic. Chairs, tables, lamps, it was everywhere and we are loving it.


It is a material that is fun to mix and match with other textures and styles. For example these stools/ottomans with the fur seats. The contrast of the two very different materials, acrylic vs. fur, makes for a surprisingly attractive combination.  Acrylic is a fun change from traditional metal or wood frames and bases. In terms of sustainability it is 100% recyclable and has a very long lifespan.

acrylic3   acrylic2

This retro-modern look goes well even in some of the more rustic settings that we are used to here in Western North Carolina. Here is an example of a bench that we did for a client that turned out very nice. It is the perfect fit to give character to an otherwise unused hallway space


We hope to see more of it soon and look forward to using it in future projects!




Cool Guest Room


High Point Market 2013 What’s Trending – Leather is a hot topic

Leather furniture  is a hot topic

What’s Trending Leather is a hot topic

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring, sometimes referred to as cement flooring, no longer has to be gray and boring.  Coloring concrete or applying textures and patterns can bring new life to this traditionally bland material. Staining concrete is a method of attaining a decorative, easy-to-maintain and  durable finish to flooring.


 After the floor is properly cleaned, it is time to apply the acid wash to the  floor. Tape off all items  and strip off old coatings with machinery. The best way to  spread acid stain is evenly and in quadrants.  Cleaning with acid and water opens the pores of the concrete.


 Once the acid stain is dried over night, neutralize the floor with ammonia and water to clean any residues left by the acid stain. After this is  completed and dried, it is time to apply the topical water based stain. The color can be tweaked during the first coat.


The stain should be spread on evenly in  quadrants, much like the acid wash. Let this dry, and repeat if necessary to give  the concrete floor the protective coat it needs.

 While this whole process may seem very simple as you read this, don’t be fooled! It is recommended that you have a professional do this job for  you. The application can be dangerous, and the results can be unattractive if it is not  done properly. The above work was done by Jesse York of All Season Painting.  828-768-7575


Raw Urth Design

When we saw this cool metal countertop by Raw Urth Design at the Kitchen and Bath show, we instantly loved it.  Shown below in “French Country”, it adds a timeless and traditional feel.

Ancient Technique Made New …Encaustic Art Work

“When art is in your soul, you simply cannot breathe unless you are painting.”

When Mary Farmer visited our office  we had the pleasure of viewing several examples of her art.  Encaustic is an ancient technique that produces some incredibly original and beautiful works of art. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Farmer’s raw talent combined with her continuing dedication to creating new and impressive works is reflected in her rising status in the encaustic community. Her work has been featured in such publications as: American Art Collector, Novato Advance, Embracing Encaustic, The Peoria Star Journal, and the Marin Independent Journal. Farmer constantly strives to grow as an artist, seeing new images in her mind that she deems transferable to her canvas.

For more information visit

Rain Chains

Rain Chains

Rain Chains are a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional closed metal or plastic downspouts. They break the fall of the water, guiding it visibly downward to the ground, into a basin or even a rain barrel for storage. Rain chains sound great! Copper rain chains that guide runoff rainwater to a large basin or underground holding tank provide a decorative accent and soothing sound quality to the exterior of your home.  By collecting this “grey water,” you’ll reduce water costs, and you’ll reduce stormwater runoff, which helps to prevent erosion. Rain chains make a terrific and unique gift – every home benefits from these elegant outdoor accessories, and they are easy to install!

High Point Market 2013 – What’s Trending

What’s Trending Market 2013

Lighitng Idea Board

Lighting Idea Board

Lighting Idea Board

Tuscan Residence Idea Board

Tuscan Residence Ideas

Tuscan Residence Ideas

Tuscan 2