Architects & Builders

CSA Builders Advantage

Cheryl Smith Associates has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the building and home design process. This knowledge enables us to develop relationships with building professionals; our ability to speak their language streamlines the building process. We offer a number of services including comprehensive space planning, kitchen and bath design, electrical planning, CAD drawings and project management that help the builder make the most intuitive and effective choices. We start the process early in the development phase, before the house is built, so as to best showcase the builder’s talent and realize the homeowner’s dream.

The CSA Builders Advantage saves time and reduces errors by providing details along the way, at the right time and in the right format to the right audiences, eliminating confusion and costly mistakes. Our ability to communicate clearly with builders, and partner with them throughout the process, results in exceptional outcomes for the builder as well as the homeowner.

"Cheryl Smith Associates has maintained a professional relationship with our clients since the history of my business, which is almost 30 years."

- Malcolm Morgan, Morgan-Keefe Builders

"As far as I am concerned, there are no other designers in Western North Carolina."

- Fred Reidinger, AIA